Green makes sense

Gooseberry Green Insurance Services (GGIS) comes from the stable of
Great Green Gooseberry whose mission is "making it easier to be green"
by including carbon offsets with our products and services. Now GGIS brings
this principle to the world of individual insurance.

Fundamentally “Green” refers to action for our world to cut back the excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels for energy. Too much CO2 is adversely affecting our lives and livelihood because of the global warming and climate change it causes. Cutting down huge swathes of rainforest just makes this worse. So, as we here at Great Green Gooseberry would put it: GREEN MAKES SENSE! Everything GGG offers is aimed at helping society to reduce their CO2 output or footprint and this is what we mean by our motto: MAKING IT EASIER TO BE GREEN.

Every individual contributes to the CO2 in the atmosphere; it’s what we mean by our “carbon footprint”. The difficulty is, that even if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, how do you go about it? Of course you can make changes to your own lifestyle, but everyone (except for hermits living in the desert, relying on rainwater to drink and cactus to eat) will still always have a carbon footprint.

How does this relate to insurance?

Well, since most people have to buy insurance, whether it be for your car, house, travel, life or health, what could be more convenient for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, than to have carbon offsets included with their insurance policy?

Our policies are of the highest quality, from top-class insurers, and remain competitive even with the carbon offsets included.

Getting your essential insurance cover from GGIS makes it easy
for anyone to help the planet.

Take a closer look at our Green Insurance range and how the Carbon Offsets fit in with each one