You are not powerless

When you see our World faced with huge and seemingly unsurmountable challenges like
melting Ice caps, bizarre weather patterns and vast swathes of tropical rainforest being cut
down, it is so easy to lose hope and say there is nothing I can do to change these things.

Not so! – Empower green action

Just as we are facing these calamities because of countless millions of decisions and choices we made in the past, so together as many individuals we can take decisions that will help repair our future. Echoing the philosopher Timothy Morton, those individual decisions – whether to buy a plastic bag, use a bike or walk, consume in an ethical and sustainable fashion – are within our personal control. And those decisions magnified by the millions will save our Planet.

GGIS now offers you a new option – not previously available – to make a decision as an individual that will help the planet: buy the insurances you need from us and get CARBON OFFSETS which counterbalance your personal carbon footprint.

Buying Carbon Offsets to offset carbon footprint has been widely used by environment-conscious businesses, large and small, and has been an established practice for many years. Now, GGIS makes it possible for you as an individual to do the same, simply and conveniently.

In other words, GGIS makes it easier to be green.

You have all the power you need to make the right choices, all you need to do is exercise it.

Getting your essential insurance cover from GGIS makes it easy for anyone
to help the planet and its people..

Take a closer look at our unique range of green insurances: