That’s Agnes and George, happily married for 16 years, and their only child, Bertie. From the outside,an ordinary family, but all is not as it seems…

Bertie Gooseberry & Eric

Bertie Gooseberry is 10 years old and is the remarkable member of the family, though to look at him you would never guess. At school his marks are decidedly unspectacular, and apart from a permanently grubby appearance and a talent for tying knots (it is not unusual to go into the frontroom and see George Gooseberry struggling to free himself from the armchair) Bertie is anything but, because he has a secret: he is on a mission to save the planet from the evil Pollutons helped byhis trusty sidekick Eric Goosepillar.

George Gooseberry

George works in the toy factory and has done for the last 25 years working his way up from Teddy Bear Stuffer to Head of Ball Bearings. As compensation for the lack of hair on his pate, he has cultivated a quite magnificent moustache which Agnes waxes quite regularly for him. He like Agnes hasn’t a clue what Bertie is getting up to.

Agnes Gooseberry

Agnes Gooseberry has just returned to work at Raymondo’s High Fashion Coiffures, where she works as a stylist. In fact it was there that she first met George, who had come in to have his quiff seen to. She has noticed that Bertie seems to have developed an obsession with putting the lights out, so much so that she and George are often plunged into darkness, but apart from that everything is fine in the Gooseberry Household.

The Pollutons

The alien Pollutons have landed on Earth and are out to destroy our planet. Right now they are heating up the Arctic Ice. They are evil and devious and know how to stay out of sight. They have already reduced 3 worlds, Nictor, Ambria and Celadon, to grey lifeless hulks; and Bertie’s mission is to battle against and destroy these aliens and wake up the rest of the planet to the fact that they need to change their ways, and fast, because already the Pollutons are extremely happy, as they see Gooseberry-kind already well on the way to destroying the planet, all by themselves!